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Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Worth Every Penny



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A wedding day is a joyful day, but it’s also a challenging day with lots of moving elements. When it comes to planning for the big days, for some people hiring a wedding planner is an obvious choice. However, for others hiring a wedding planner could seem like a costly extravagance, and it might even make you doubt if hiring a wedding planner is worth every penny.

If you are a DIY enthusiast and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can check our  Manual For Wedding Preparation which covers steps you need to do it yourself. 

For those of you who are here to learn why hiring a wedding planner is worth every penny, this article is for you. So let’s get right in;)

Who is a wedding planner?

Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Worth Every Penny

To begin with, you may need to understand what  wedding planning is and not confuse it with wedding design and styling, and wedding coordinating.

  • Wedding planner: Whether it’s making schedules for family members and other guests on your guest list or finding rentals, this expert helps you create your wedding vision and coordinate everything from start to finish. The highest level of assistance available for your ideal wedding is a this level.
  • Wedding designer: Your idea will come to life thanks to the stylist’s designing of everything from floor plans and color schemes to floral arrangements and centerpieces.
  • Wedding coordinator: This point person is in charge of overseeing execution in the month leading up to your big day and dealing with any lingering details. They arrive after you’ve chosen your wedding’s design, booked your venue, and secured your wedding vendors.

It’s also crucial to carefully examine all of the capabilities and services that potential wedding planners provide before selecting one who best suits your requirements and financial constraints. Before making a decision, we advise discussing various kinds of wedding planners with your significant other and all other relevant parties. However, bear in mind that since every wedding planner is unique, what one full-service planner offers might not be quite the same as another. Having said that, the descriptions provided below should help you decide whether or not you should hire a wedding planner by giving you a decent sense of the general services provided by each type of planner.

  • Full-service wedding planner: They participate in all aspects of the wedding preparations and ceremony. They find and hire suppliers and venues, take care of invites, create a design layout and timetable, and oversee everything on the wedding day itself. They are usually hired many months in advance.
  • Partial wedding planner: Also referred to as month-of wedding planners, they usually begin working with couples six to eight weeks before the wedding. Couples who engage with a month-of planner typically have their venue reserved, their wedding vendors verified, and the design elements decided. In order to confirm all of the services and goods that your wedding venue and vendors will be offering, a partial wedding planner may check your present contracts when they take over.
  • day-of wedding coordinator: To complete and carry out already established wedding plans, coordinators take over the day of the wedding or the wedding weekend. They can answer inquiries from guests, handle event organizing, deal with unforeseen issues, coordinate with vendors, and make sure the schedule of events stays on schedule. Because they don’t conduct much, if any, planning, many in the business prefer to refer to them as “wedding coordinators,” or occasionally “wedding directors.” Most people picture them when they hear the term “wedding planner.” In fact, 37% of the couples who hired a planner were of this type, according to the 2020 WeddingWire Newlywed Report; full-service planners were the second-most popular, utilized by 31% of couples.
Events Design and Styling

Given the aforementioned elements, we can now discuss why engaging a wedding coordinator for your special day is worthwhile.

1. Helps relieve a great deal of your stress

It’s a well-known secret that for many, organizing your wedding day on your own may quickly become daunting. Employing a wedding planner or even a day-of coordinator, thus, takes your focus off of the day-of items and can help you save money as you plan.

Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Worth Every Penny Events Design and Styling | A Manual For Wedding Preparation

2. Helps free up your schedule

We’re sorry to break the terrible news to you, but wedding planning doesn’t put a stop to your busy schedule. Many couples balance the wedding preparation process with busy careers, a never-ending list of chores, and other commitments. Fortunately, a wedding planner can enable you to conserve your most priceless asset: time.

You can use your newly found free time to clean your apartment or prepare a home-cooked meal (just think of all the money you’ll save on takeout). Most importantly, you’ll be able to spend the entire wedding day savoring those special moments because your wedding planner will be in charge of overseeing the entire process.

Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Worth Every Penny

3. Unlock top vendors’ exclusive access

Unbelievable as it may seem, a wedding planner may be the key to getting the best service providers for your special day. Little-known fact: When a couple doesn’t have a wedding planner, some vendors decline the wedding.

The key advantage of a planner is their capacity to network with vendors and negotiate favorable terms for clients. They also understand which vendors are the most effective.

Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Worth Every Penny

4. Can help you save a lot of money

Planners can assist you in avoiding irrational purchases that you might have otherwise made. Even while these costs might not equal the planner’s fees, remember that by employing their services, you’ll be saving time and effort.

In addition to ensuring that everything is in place, as mentioned earlier that wedding planners typically have connections with vendors, they can also use their connection to obtain favorable rates and discounts.

Why Hiring A Wedding Planner Is Worth Every Penny Event Decoration Pictures

5. You can consult an authority for guidance and inspiration

Even if this isn’t your first wedding, unless you have a lot of experience with event planning, you generally won’t have the best judgment when it comes to setting up all the details. In this regard, a professional wedding planner’s knowledge is priceless. They have great ideas for the wedding’s clothes, theme, decorations, and backup plans in addition to knowing who to engage for the event.

They will have a greater understanding of the difficulties that you and your partner have during this exciting time in your lives because of their prior experience with other engaged couples. Some people may find the process of planning a wedding exhilarating, while others may find it stressful. In either case, a trained planner’s aid can be vital in fusing a couple’s different ideas and choices into a single, seamless wedding day.

Event Decoration Pictures

6. You can enjoy your day without worrying

With the expertise of a wedding planner, you can relax knowing that all the intricacies of your special day will be handled. Simply relax and preserve the best moments of the day in your memory.

In our opinion, hiring a wedding planner is worth the every penny if you can afford one and want to reduce the stress of organizing your own wedding. The peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional wedding planner—even a day-of coordinator—allows you to spend more time with loved ones taking part in the wedding day celebrations.

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