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How To Select Your Wedding Party



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Your wedding is more than just a time to celebrate your love for your future spouse and the union of the two of you. Additionally, it is a celebration of the people who mean the most to you both and the union of two families. It’s customary to have your bridesmaids and groomsmen stand by your side on the most significant day of your lives to function as witnesses and cheerleaders, they are otherwise referred to as your wedding party. Knowing how to select your wedding party can be challenging. There are feelings involved, especially being aware of the possibility of offending loved ones.

One of the most difficult aspects of wedding planning can be selecting your wedding party. There are countless logistical and financial considerations that must be made. This article will highlight how best to choose your wedding party. Let’s get down to business ;).

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1. Think about how big your wedding will be

The number of bridesmaids and groomsmen you select for your wedding party depends in part on the size of your guest list. Of course, since it’s your wedding, you can have any number you like. However, it is customary to select your bridesmaids based on the number of guests expected at your wedding.

You might not want a wedding party that makes up a sixth of the total attendants for a small wedding with less than 100 guests. If you’re planning a huge wedding with more than a hundred guests, there aren’t any hard and fast rules on how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you should invite.

How To Select Your Wedding Party

2. Including family members is crucial

It is recommended to start with your immediate family when selecting bridesmaids, per wedding etiquette. This would comprise your siblings, followed by your cousins, and so on.

Asking a member of your family to be a junior bridesmaid or flower girl is an option if they are too young to be bridesmaids. When selecting bridesmaids, it’s typical to involve your immediate relatives. If your family is not close to you or is not huge, you would then choose your closest friends.

How To Select Your Wedding Party

3. Put reliability first

Another point to consider while selecting your wedding party is the reliability of the candidate. 
There will be times when you’ll need to know you can rely on your bridesmaids or groomsmen, even though you may not require them to assist in the planning of your wedding to a great extent. If your buddy rarely returns your calls or regularly arrives late when you have plans, they might not be the best choice, especially given the tight schedules the day of your wedding and the deadlines for bridesmaid dress orders. Instead, choose friends that are likely be better prepared than you.


4. Two maids of honor are allowed

The bridal party’s maid of honor has a special position. She serves as your right hand during the planning process and especially on the big day. The short answer is that you can have two maids of honor at your wedding if you find yourself thinking about having two. With tradition, modern weddings have become more flexible, and many couples are personalizing their weddings to suit their demands. Two maids of honor are not unusual in the bridal party at contemporary weddings.

How To Select Your Wedding Party

5. Don’t be limited by gender constraints

Your best male buddy or brother can certainly be a member of your wedding party. So many couples request support from individuals of the opposite sex. In these situations, a lady on the groom’s side may be referred to as a groomswoman, while a male on the bride’s side may be referred to as an attendant or bridesman. It truly is really up to you; the most crucial thing is that you include your preferred individuals, regardless of gender.

There are no strict guidelines for how to wear your bridesmen when it comes to the dress code. They can dress to match the bridesmaids’ outfits or adopt the groomsmen’s style. Just make sure they feel at ease wearing whatever you want them to.


6. Think about the members’ financial capacity

Another point to note on how to select your wedding party is the financial capability of your potential participants. Your bridesmaids will need to contribute a sizeable sum of money, despite the fact that their budget won’t be as large as yours. They will be responsible for organizing your wedding shower and bachelorette party, among other costs, in addition to paying for their outfit.
Make sure anyone you are inviting can afford to be a part of your wedding party.

Additionally, bear in mind that your bridesmaids will incur travel costs if they live far away. Ask them whether you can afford to pay the amount and are willing to do so. Just keep in mind that not everyone has access to vast resources.

How To Select Your Wedding Party

7. Don’t just include someone because they included you in theirs

When you have someone you don’t particularly want in your wedding party but feel forced to ask them nevertheless, it might be embarrassing. Most frequently, this is because you attended their wedding as a bridesmaid or groomsman. You need to think about how much you value your relationship with them and whether they are really likely to play a significant role in your family’s future. It’s best to make sure that your wedding party solely consists of those you feel are closest to you, even though it could cause a little awkwardness.

But keep in mind to handle the situation with caution, compassion, and sensitivity. Be fully honest if they want to discuss with you about the reason they won’t be in your wedding party.


8. Additional roles can be assigned to encourage inclusivity

Quite often the simplest approach to ensure that no one’s feelings is hurt is to have fewer bridesmaids or groomsmen. If you have to choose between standing next to just your sister and your childhood best friend or two or three friend groupings and ten or more “maids,” going with the smaller group could relieve you of a lot of pressure. However, if you’re set on having a large wedding party and have one buddy who isn’t quite there, it could be better to include them than to leave them out.

You can ensure that your best friends and family will get along at your wedding by using the guidelines provided above on how to select your wedding party. Another great way to guarantee a memorable wedding experience is to know how to choose the perfect venue for your wedding. If you have any question, you can leave a comment bellow or contact us for personal consultation.

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