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7 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events



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7 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events
  1. Display a sign outside your place of business
  2. Acquire a spot on a billboard
  3. Use social media to promote
  4. Offer incentives for early registration
  5. Utilize the traditional media
  6. Create a catchy landing page
  7. Reach your target audience through email marketing

Generally speaking, it is acknowledged that the success of any event starts from the turnout of invitees, and this usually depends on how many people you are able to reach. This is where event marketing comes in. We will cover 7 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events.

Event marketing, put simply, is all about informing people that you are organizing an event and how much it would mean to you or how much they would gain from attending. An event may be promoted both online and offline using this approach. Be it a  wedding party, Facebook live seminar, Workshop,  professional speaking conference, a birthday party, donation camps, volunteers recognition days, or any other event.

1. Display a sign outside your place of business

Local business

Undoubtedly, traditional banners are a fantastic technique to raise local awareness of an event.

These can be shown outside your place of business, or if you don’t have a physical location, you can display banners around the neighborhood where the event will be held.

2. Acquire a spot on a billboard

Steps to Planning a Successful Corporate Event

It has been shown that billboards effectively advertise many kinds of events, and it’s not hard to understand why given their attention-grabbing appeal, mass-reach potential, and capacity to sway consumer choices.

According to The Arbitron National In-Car Study, 2013 edition, 33% of adults who saw a billboard promoting an event went to that event as a result of the billboard, while 58% of American adults said they heard about an event they were interested in attending through a billboard.

3. Use social media to promote your event

7 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events

The power of how fast and how far social media and can help reach a vast audience cannot be over flogged, and it is by far the most accessible way of promoting any events these days. 

Event advertising doesn’t have to be expensive thanks to social media. Here are few simple, low-cost ideas for promoting events on social media.

  • Organize a social media contest: A social media contest or giveaway could be a smart approach to spread the news about your event. You may have a draw where the prize includes tickets. Maybe they have to comment, like, and tag a few friends in your postings. Social media contests will assist you in raising awareness in any case.
  • Run social media advertising campaigns: This strategy calls for a modest investment, but it can be worthwhile to help you connect with a wider audience. For instance, Facebook advertisements can target a certain demographic to ensure that you reach your intended audience, which is likely to increase your conversion rate.
  • Post on social media community groups: Groups and communities on social media are also excellent platforms for event promotion. It may be a subreddit or a Facebook group.
  • Make a hashtag for the event: A wonderful approach to communicate with potential guests while marketing your event is using an event hashtag. This will enable you to keep tabs on mentions and engage with potential attendees of your event.
  • Posting behind-the-scenes content before events: Watching behind-the-scenes posts is one of my favorite methods for consumers to use when it comes to event advertising. They are engaging and always fun to watch. 
  • Purchase the services of social media influencers: If you are planning a high-profile event, using influencers to solicit attendees is a plus. Additionally, you may collaborate with businesses to create brand partnerships in which they promote your event to their clientele.

4. Offer incentives for early registration

7 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events

Offering early registration incentives is a terrific method to advertise your events. This will encourage people to register for your event as soon as possible. 

With early bird registration, you may test your marketing strategies and measure the interest of your audience. Additionally, if you are selling event tickets, the offer encourages attendees to purchase their tickets as soon as possible.

5. Utilize the traditional media

Ways To Promote Events

The term “traditional media” refers to a group of media that includes television, newspapers, radio, and magazines.

Social media marketing does actually provide several benefits to businesses, including affordability, global reach, personalisation, and improved engagement. Despite the fact that digital marketing is the “optimal” approach, research have revealed that traditional marketing will continue to grow.

6. Create a catchy landing page

7 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Events

The main channel for disseminating information about your event is through the landing page. Post all the pertinent information regarding the event, including the date, time, venue, subject, objectives, etc.

In order to let people know what will be covered during the event, you may also provide an agenda. You can use this page to post about any speakers or influential people who will be present.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to include a FAQ section, and to incorporate pictures or videos from your most recent event(s).

Of course, if you are selling event tickets, you should also connect to your social media accounts and provide a call to action encouraging visitors to buy tickets on the page.

7.Reach your target audience through email marketing

Upcoming Events

A key strategy for interacting with your present audience is email marketing. Email marketing should be used to advertise your event to various targeted groups.

This will help spread the word about the event to everyone who knows your business. Additionally, you might provide discounts to email subscribers to entice current clients of your business to attend. With these 7 ways to promote your upcoming events, you should be assured of a good turnout on your day.

If you have an upcoming event and you need a personalized event design planning, don’t hesitate to fill our consultation form here.

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